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Curlers Grace

Give us a heart to do what's right, like curlers true and keen.
To be good friends along life's road and sweep our slide all clean.
Be thou our Skip throughout life's game, and then we're sure to win.
Though slow the shot and wide the aim, we'll sweep each other in.
- Scottish Prayer
In Memoriam:
Paul L. Armstrong
Chuck Arntz
Willa Arntz 
Philip T. Atwood
Lawrence A. Barr
Donald E. Bean
Garret L. Bergen
Al Bigelow
Theodor F. Bilharz
Elmer E. Billow, Jr.
Ralph V. Binney
Ed Biskis
Claude Boles
Harold A. Brainard
Judson B. Branch
Lyle Briscoe
Darryl Bronson  
Donald P. Brown
Donald O. Brown
F. Olney Brown
Robert C. Brown, Jr.
Ronald N. Brown
Ann Bruning
Charles Bruning
George C. Buik
Harold J. Buist
William C. Buzzard
Charles L. Byron
Cecil R. Campbell
Suzanne Carlson
J. Irwin Chapin
Christopher Clutz
Lorraine Cardwell Coduti  
Hugh Collins
Doug Coulthard
Thomas H. Compere
John P. Corley
Marta Crawford
Quintin J. Crawford
W. Melville Cribs
Gretchen Croake
Robert E. Croake
Wendy Cross
Darwin Curtis
Britt Davis
Ed Davis
James A. Davis
George T. Demetrio, Sr.
George T. Demetrio, Jr.
Clint Demmond
Harry Demuth
John Dix
Frank A. Dixon
George W. Dixon, Jr.
Bill Dolan

John R. Doolittle
Mrs. Mary Dunbeck
Norman J. Dunbeck
Fred J. Duncombe
Gregory R. Durham
Sharon Eckersall
Fred D. Ellis
Joseph C. Ellis
George L. Erwin, Jr.
Harry Fehr
Hamilton Ferguson
Wade Fetzer
Franklin W. Fietsch
Daniel Fletcher
Robert P. Fletcher
Roland (Joe) Forsythe
Frank Foster
Jim Friese
Elmer W. Freytag
Alfred H. Gansberg
Thomas Gentles
Ken Gould 
Kathryn "Kiki" Gould
Otto Gressens
William K Grube
Robert H. Gurley
Albert T. Haakinson
Joseph Hall
Richard Hammond
Foster Hannaford
Edmund J. Haugh
Jack Hayford
John W. Heiser
Ned Heizer 
Ernest G. Hertzberg
Ernest C. Hoy
I, J
Parker L. Jacobson
Joseph M. Jardine
Edward Q. Johnson
Phelps Johnston
Richard C. Johnston, Jr.
Alison Jones
Donald Jones
John O. Jones
Elbridge Keith
Thomas W. Keith
Gerard A. Koch
Waino M. Kolehmainen
Bruce Krasberg
Russell C. Kremer
Joan Kuhn
Robert Kuhn
Robert I. Laggren, Jr.
Cecil C. Larson

William J. Lawlor
Robert M. Lazo
George Lill II
George L. Lilley
Rick Lindrooth
Martin Lindsay
Norris (Mike) Love
James W. Macdonald
John A. MacLean
Jack F. Marcus
John C. Marsh
Judson B. Martin
Richard D. Mason
Dr. Charles L. McArthur
Hughston McBain
Peter F. McCann
Marian McConnell
Forrest M. McConnell
Robert P. McElroy
James D. McGregor
Wallace W. McIlwain
Norman H. McLennan
Michael P. McPhee
Rev. Thos. G. McQueen
Raymond C. Meier
Robert J. Meyers
William J. D. Miller
Betty Mills 
Tom O. Moles  
William M. Moloney
John M. Montgomery
Glenn E. Moore
Kenneth A. Mullins, Sr.
Corky Murray
James M. Murray
Richard L. Musselman
Harry L. Nehrbass
John Neveling
Frederick A. Nichols
Guy A. Nodot
Kemble P. Nolte
Jerome D. O’Brien
Richard S. Oldberg
Kenneth W. Olson
Roy H. Olson
Dr. Oliver S. Ormsby
Edward O'Shaughnessy
Herbert H. Pallat
Audley E. Patton
M. D. Paynter
Samuel R. Penfield
Warren A. Peterson
"Bunny" Phenner
Barbara Phillips
Joseph H. Pleck
C. Frank Pollen

Henry Pope, Jr.
Robert T. Porter
William F. Potts
Ed Prosser
Q, R 
M. Hudson Rathburn
John M. Reichert
Norman P. Rickards

Annabelle Roche

John Roche
Shar Roge
George B. Rogers
Samuel J. Sackett
Karl Schmid  
David R. Schulte
Huey Shelton
Donald M. Sinclair
Thomas B. Singleton
John F. Sittig
Burt M. Smalley
Jimmy Smith
Norm Smith 
Bob Sorensen  
Robert B. Soutar
Henry L. Stewart, Jr.
Paul Stratton
Walter F. Straub
John M. Sullivan
Robert L. Swinney
Newton H. Tobey
Ralph A. Trieschmann
John Truskowski
U, V 
Horace S. Vaile
Melvin N Vedder
Walter H. Velde
Alfred W. Warren
Charles J. Watson
E. Gordon Watson            
Amos H. Watts
Sidney A. Wells
William T. White, Jr.
Richard W. Wilde, Sr.
Max Wildman  
George H. Williamson
Robert C. Wilson
Robert G. Wilson
Don Wink
Stanley A. Woleben
John M. Wolfe
Daniel Woodhead, Jr.
John A. Wright
Walther E. Wyss
X, Y, Z 
Mark A. Zollar

The CCC Memorial Fund was established in the 2007/08 curling season by the CCC Board as a way to honor the memory of curlers who have passed away or to commemorate curlers for special occasions such as a birthday or anniversary. Donations made to the Memorial Fund provide for an annual gift to the club that the Board would consider a want, not necessarily a need. The Memorial Fund committee, currently consisting of chairman Craig Crawford and members Michele Rittgers and Jennifer Geake, vote and install these gifts to the club. Past gifts have included flat screen TVs for each sheet, updated cameras over the ice, new hacks, new bar stools, and a new big screen TV in the living room. 

Whenever a contribution is made, a handwritten note goes to either a family member or the honored curler acknowledging the contribution. It also gets announced in the CCC newsletter and recorded in the memorial fund book. Jennifer Geake handles all contributions and correspondence. Suggestions for annual gifts come from members of the club. 

Please consider choosing our fund for the "in lieu of gifts" for your next celebration or "in lieu of flowers" of a curler who has passed away.