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CCC Members,


It is with regret that we inform you that we have decided to cancel the rest of the curling season.


Between Friday when we suspended the season for two weeks and Monday when we re-evaluated during our March Board meeting, the impact of the virus increased exponentially. For example, on Friday, Governor Pritzker was cancelling events of 1,000 people and recommending cancelling events of 250 people. On Monday, he was closing all bars and restaurants for gatherings of 50 people.


There were a couple of conditions specific to the club which contributed to this decision.

  • Governor Pritzker’s Executive Order limits crowd sizes to under 50 for a variety of facilities, including private clubs. This order is in effect until March 30th.
  • As the impact of the virus continues to expand, the likelihood that the virus will be under control by March 30th is small.
  • During the suspension, we would have to pay for utilities to maintain the ice and Ryan would have to continue to scrape and pebble the ice to keep it suitable for play whenever we could resume.
  • We cancelled the Learn2Curl and corporate events remaining on the season calendar as a way to protect our members from increased exposure to the virus. Without the benefit of over $10,000 in revenue for Second City Curling, there is less reason to maintain the ice.
  • With a restart of March 30th, we would have less than 3 weeks of season remaining. As the restart could be later, the benefit of trying to complete the season was significantly diminished.


Ryan has begun the process to turn off the ice equipment. Closing the Club always requires significant member volunteer time to clean the ice house floor, bar equipment and kitchen refrigerators/freezers for the summer. At this time, we don’t know when this work will be able to be done. Ryan (with the assistance of Leo and Jose) will be starting the process in order to stabilize the club until we can work as a group to complete the tasks. We will continue to monitor the impact of the virus, and hopefully we can schedule this work near the typical timeframe in April.


This decision impacts the Heathers’ Mad Hatter Party, the CCC Closing Party, and the Annual Meeting  originally scheduled for April 14th, April 18th, and April 24th respectively. We will be rescheduling these events for later in the year, dates to be determined.


We are all disappointed to not be able to curl for the remainder of the season. We appreciate the support received regarding the previous decision, and we are confident that everyone understands the need for this decision, too.


CCC Board of Directors

If you feel that you need access to the club, please contact

Ryan Murphy (815) 975-2600

Kerry Dickson (312) 656-8375

Greg Sorenson (847) 226-1493

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